The Wedding of Donna and Jon

25th August 2006

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Photos excellently taken by Robin Bath (thank you!)


Donna & Jimmy approach Not sure who is most nervous Smiles all round I promise Saying vows
The 'best man' The reading Signing on the dotted line Give us a kiss then Glad thats over

Group photos in the College Quad

Happy couple Father and daughter Brighouse meets Tibet When do we eat? The proud parents
The siblings Siblings and partners The Elliotts The Barskys The Molloys
The Underwoods The Oxford Massive ...With new additions Natcen louts No one would ever call them the Brighouse death squad these days
Jamyang posse What a lot of cousins Chester is well represented So many great friends Zoe's gang
Everyone Phew the photos are over Milling around Best Man looks pleased with himself


Quiet down everybody A fabuous host Geshe Tashi says some kind words Quoting from Benjamin Disraeli Lee reminisces about the Dublin days
An eloquent mum Tales from the River Dee Three cheers for Carol The Best Man tells some tall tales

Relaxing in the Marquee

Wedding Blessing Thanks so much Time to start some serious boozing 'Jon and Donna - Happy Christmas!' Carol passes round the family album
Baxter and the people All in good spirits Jon's wonderful mum and sister Jon and the Fletchers The Underwood boys

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