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Irish Music 28th June 2008

Michael Mullin hooked me up with some great music. Not only did he play me the best reggae ever he gave me my first tape of Irish music. The Bothy Band.

The tape got played every so often and gradually got under my skin. Matt Molloy said that after listening to this music a while you hear tunes in everything. I hear these tunes more in the urban streets than in the countryside.

The Bothy Band are from the 70s, when Irish musicians rediscovered their power. Here they are performing 'Martin Wynne'.

The Bothy Band emerged from the mighty Planxty. In Andy Irvine they had a great singer who also looked like the archetypal bierdy-wierdy. And in this Christy Moore (far right) has absolutely massive hair!

Its pure punk rock!

Movado - On The Rock 8th May 2008

Finally a reggae star makes a record with the power of Bob Marley.

Dave's meditation class - highly recommended 8th May 2008

Description by the man himself below. To find out more click Dave

As a dominant species mankind has one prominent characteristic, this is to be in a constant hurry inventing new strategies while rushing to meet deadlines.
In reality the mind is like a mountain lake when a high wind is blowing, the surface may appear rough and choppy but deep down all is calm.

Jamyang will be holding pre teaching class sessions of Shanti peaceful meditation; these will involve minimal verbal input where we will just sit quietly while alert letting the constant inner chatter subside, finding a haven of tranquillity to aid us functioning in an ever stressful environment.

This will be an area away from the social function of Jamyang with chatter and bonding over tea and biscuits. In these sessions there will only be your perceived awareness and your evolving karma.

Looking for the inner space Longchen Rabjam states in his A Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena

"The magical expressions that originate within the unborn basic space are completely indeterminate and not subject to any restrictions whatsoever. They cannot be characterised as "Things" for they have no substance or characteristics. In that their nature is like the panoramic vista of space, they are unborn, spontaneously present, and free of any time frame, any beginning or end"

With this as a motivation we hope to transmit this profound ultimate truth of quiet awareness just by living the good life when we exit from the shrine room.

The meditation will be divided into at least two sessions to facilitate ease for creaking bones and swollen joints, when stretching is in order.

Come one, come all, there is no place from where to fall.

New Frankie Fotos 5th April 2008

Musica 13th December 2007

This is the Poison Dart video. Sooo big. Got to be one of the best releases this year and a wicked video to boot.

This is Mugen's drowning scene from the anime series Samurai Champloo. The music is by Japanese artist Asazaki Ikue. Like most people, I am curious about what it will be like to die. This music gives a sense of the beyond...

Short vid of Jah Shaka in session in Brixton Town Hall in the 70s. Cool threads, funky dancing and the bass sounds fresh...

To quote Blackdown "this video of Goodz is too much. One take, lit from above: he makes this any-beat sound like it's the anthem of the year. But it's all about his eyes. Just check his eyes. Pure fyah."

Poison Dart 8th November 2007

Introducing Frank Underwood Molloy 11th March 2007

Photos of Frank

Frank, 2 days old

Dusty Road 22nd February 2007

Jimmy's poetry

Jimmy has always written poems. These are from 88. Images of race riots, madness on the TV and the IRA

Jimmy and D

Bleep Funk

Bleep Funk 3rd Feb 2007

Matt, Elimar and Emma 10th August 2006

Matt, Elimar and Emma

Born 9th August 2006

My comment on the BBC website 12th August 2006

Our foreign policy is playing into the hands of extremists because we are getting it so wrong. There are some pernicious interests involved that make money from how things are right now. Our policy is driven by business and our politicians aren't clever enough to change things. I believe that righteous anger from muslims has a key part to play in improving the world - but this must always be done peacefully.

You Tube Picks 9th August 2006

A Guy Called Gerald 'Voodoo Ray' -

Dave & Ansell Collins on TOTP 'Double Barrell' -

Ol' Dirty Bastard 'Brooklyn Zoo' -

The Jesus and Mary Chain 'Some Candy Talking' -

Ninjaman vs. Supercat (who'd recently shot Ninjaman's mate) -

Bass Culture 12th July 2006

There was a huge sense of self worth here: a warm night inside a big lawn's bamboo fence ... was about as good as life - anybody's life - could get.

When the sweet smells of jerk chicken, bougainvillaea and collie weed swirled around your head, you could feel the hottest R&B jump-up vibrate through a cold bottle of beer, and cut some crisp steps with a big eyed daughter ... it was enough to overwhelm anybody.

To the point at which it didn't really matter what you didn't have for the rest of the time, because right there, right then, at the sound system dance, you had it all.

Lloyd Bradley - Bass Culture

Individuality 23rd May 2006

"Someday I'm going to have things just like I want," he said to himself

"And if any moralizing son of a bitch gives me any static, they will fish him out of the river."