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Delhi and Jaipur 3 - 5 March 06

How does this camera work? Helena enjoying the sun Jamma Mosque Dz and H in the mosque Delhi from Jamma Al-Masjid
Hard work this sightseeing Raj Ghat where Gandhi was cremated Memsahibs at India Gate Wind Palace in Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan Dz in Jaipur's Amber Palace
Donna and Helena cool off Indian street furniture

Blurry Jaipur Street

Varanasi and Sarnath 7 - 8 March 06. Where Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths

Me with my mate Sanjiv and Juan Sarnath, the journey was worth it Helena is pursued by small boys Soaking it in Statue of Buddha teaching the Four Noble Truths

Bodhgaya 10 - 12 March 06. Where Buddha became enlightened

Buddha statue in the Mahabodhi temple The majestic Mahabodhi stupa A very special place Bodhgaya Atmosphere Ven. Tony makes offerings at Mahakala cave
Donna and friends at Sujata's village Bodhgaya veg market

Geshe-la teaching in the rain at Bodhgaya

Rajgir 13 - 14 March 06. Where Buddha taught emptiness

Ruins of Nalanda monsatic university Geshe-la shows us round Massed Vultures Peak Emptiness teachings break for photos Geshe-la in a cave that was 'perhaps occupied by Shariputra'!

Kushinagar 16 - 17 March 06. Where Buddha died

Statue at the place Buddha died Very peaceful place Jo in front of the Burmese stupa Bye bye Kushinigar at sunrise

Sri Lankans chant at Parinirvana statue

Lumbini, Nepal 18 - 19 March 06. Where Buddha was born

Fruit stall in Gorakpur Maxy night suits Geshe-la at the Lumbini Bodhi tree The park at Lumbini Nepali tyre shop
Gordon and Kay

Gorakpur, City of Flies

Crows take the offerings at Lumbini

Kapilavastu 20 - 21 April 06. Where Buddha grew up

Mark and Russell don't like the stuffed tiger heads on the wall of the hotel Annalise and Annette in the grounds of the Maharaja's hunting lodge where we stayed Walking into the sunset at the park at Kapilavastu Cynthia makes offerings Anthony, my very civilised room mate

Evening Indian music concert at the Royal Retreat Hotel

Sravasti 22 - 26 March 06. Where Buddha meditated and gave many teachings

Making offerings Monkey!!! Robin gives Mark a candle initiation Geshe-la leads candle offering Prayers
Juan and Lezanne at miracle stupa Ashokan column turned into Shiva lingam Walking home across the fields Stevie-Ji!!! We're not going home we're staying down here!